Gratitude and Planning

It was a pretty standard first day of school.  I met many new students. I felt utterly exhausted at the end of the day.  I am excited about this year, though, because I have a lot of freshmen; they’re my favorite students to teach.  It’s fun to watch them be  excited about starting high school, and they still mostly like their teachers and being in class.  I think it will be a good year.

I am considering some changes to the blog.  Primarily, I have found that I get a better-than-hoped-for response to my posts about my family and my simple thoughts on daily life, which humbles me to no end.  I am contemplating re-drafting my mission statement for the page, and possibly tweaking the appearance and contents as well.  It is also likely that I will be getting my own domain name soon, too.

I have been writing here for a while, and I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read here on the page.  I have been enjoying myself, and posting here has been a fantastic motivator to write more frequently, which has always been a goal of mine.  I really hope that I can continue to improve on what I do here, and that I can continue to post things that people want to read.

Again, thank you, for keeping my family and me in your prayers, for responding so encouragingly to my thoughts, and for being fantastically supportive of this [Poor Scribbler].

Blessings and Grace.


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