A Family Visit, Great Weather, and Not Much Else

It’s been a busy weekend, and once again I have come to the end of it with little time to write.  Today’s post will be brief, but I will try to share a few thoughts before the end of it.

I have had some family in town, my sister and one of my cousins, and I do not get to see them all that often.  This visit has reconfirmed to me the importance of family.  I have always prioritized my wife and my children, but visits like the one we have had this weekend remind me that I really, really like my “clan,” if you will.  My family has always lived scattered around, and visits are difficult to manage.  Perhaps something needs to shift…

The weather this weekend was lovely, if you didn’t know.  I can’t wait for fall to officially arrive.  I love the sounds of crisp leaves rustling in yards, and the electric scent of autumn air.  Cider, coffee in the evenings, and sweaters are all things I look forward to.

I have some more poetry coming, and I am probably going to be working soon on a second blog, one for my students to publish some writing.  I am also hoping to get to those changes I have been wanting to make to [Poor Scribbler] for a while now, too.

Yep…just a scatter-shot today.  I will be back Thursday.  Blessings.



One response to “A Family Visit, Great Weather, and Not Much Else

  • wordorgy

    I can wait for fall. I was so looking forward to summer this past bitterly cold winter that I have felt no desire to push past it. And because last summer was so amazing great with all our traveling and camping, sleeping out places. But now, reading this post, I’m suddenly piqued by the thought of autumn in all its lusciousness. I can almost taste the cider. I can almost feel the breeze. Life is special in autumn. It lets you put off winter, and before the cold, it compresses the enjoyment of your life into microcorpuscles. It makes you want to draw together. For me like your longing for family, I want to draw all those I love together more.

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