In the Middle of It

It’s that time of year again when I can tell that fall is quickly approaching, but not yet quite here.

As a teacher, this is an extremely frustrating time.  Things are now in full-swing at school, but I am still getting to know my students.  Labor Day is past, and we are now in the long haul until Thanksgiving. My body and mind have not yet adjusted to a new set of classes, an earlier day and later evening, and the daily routine.

It’s times like these I have to stop, make myself slow down, and remind myself that this is it; this is my life.  I am not waiting for the next thing, such as graduation or finding a job.  I am not anticipating and holding out for the next big phase in life.  I am here. I have a great job, I am married to a fantastic woman, and I have two lovely children.  All that stuff I’ve been working for, all the stuff I went to college to do…I’m doing it.

So, that makes it a little easier to get up in the morning.  If I get to bed a little late, so what? It isn’t going to kill me.  If it happens that I have to wrestle a screaming child into bed tonight, or the dogs destroy some piece of my property, no big deal; I will probably get another shot at a good day tomorrow.

Life goes on, and I am in the middle of it.



One response to “In the Middle of It

  • wordorgy

    I like this. This was good. Is good? I’m speaking of my past but the journal’s present. That seems relevant. It’s strange to think about letting your mindstate shift to the present, to enjoy being where you are and developing it. Sometimes I get so used to pushing forward to something that when I achieve it, the backlash throws me out of whack, and I find it difficult to relax. How strange that now, when I have the least to do, I’m the most stressed and the pop in my neck is back. Breathe. Release. Focus. Go back to work and make something.

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