Make Scribbles

I would like to have guest bloggers from time to time.  That being said, I will attempt taking submissions via e-mail.  If you would like to contribute something to Poor Scribbler, type it out and save it in a .DOC, .PDF, or .RTF file format.  Attach the file to an e-mail, and also make sure to include your return contact information (e-mail,, Twitter,, or Skype!) so I can communicate with you regarding your piece.  Send all submissions to:

I will accept poetry and prose, book reviews, movie reviews, musings, ideas, and blessings.  The general theme of all submissions should be directed toward the motifs of faith, grace, love, family, community, and how these things are reflected in writing and art.

Keep writing.  Keep reading.  Keep thinking.  I can’t wait to see what is coming.