What I Love About Morning

There are many things I enjoy about being up early in the day,
awake just after sunrise,when I am the first one out of bed:
the grey-blue swelling light that comes through the windows,
bringing with it the wet scent of grass,
the liturgies of waking birds
and the cool splash of a breeze
not yet warmed by running all day beneath the sky.

The silence in my apartment is like the void before creation,
when God hovered above the waters,
sleeves rolled up,
ready to begin the steady work of lighting suns,
filling oceans, and setting planets to spin,

and I sit in my chair,
rotating in place upon the earth,
hovering over my coffee and spilling it upon the table
while I type this poem about hovering and lighting
and spinning, spilling and writing

just after dawn on a Sunday morning,
all the frenetic motions that hold within themselves
promises of new things.

Michael Hylton, St. Louis, 2011